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Monthly Archive for May, 2017

A change is on the way

I just want to inform you all that I have resigned from Sogeti to join Microsoft as a Cybersecurity Architect. This blog will continue to operate independently and still just reflect my views on different topics, assignments that I could share and so forth. Just continue to let the mails come and I´ll try to […]

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Destruction to follow

Following my last post a few clients started asking me about the future of ransomware. I brought up this picture showing a number of predictions I have done during the years and when they were found in the wild. One prediction is that more failures will happened, either intentionally or unintentionally, and that will start […]

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WannaCry aftermatch

Ransomware makes you wanna cry and the name of the latest outbreak is fitting. You have most probably read 100ths of post regarding how to protect yourself moving forward and I will not repeat those tips and tricks but instead focus on some real-life experiences that actually prevented the ransomware in the first place: 1. […]

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