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Monthly Archive for June, 2017

A failed ransomware recovery

I´m not to fond of not manage to help my clients recover but sometimes shit happens and you´ll have to just stand there looking at a disaster evolving in front of your eyes. This particular case was in April. I was recovering from a surgery so I wasn´t working. My phone rang and a friend […]

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Cybersecurity has been a thing for quite some time now but the real change here in the Nordics came this year with a lot of ransomware attacks with WannaCry as the current leader of the pack closely followed by GDPR that is every security consultants wet dream. Almost every company have put cybersecurity on the […]

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PAW in depth

As you read in my previous message I´m joining Microsoft. One thing you have to do at MS is to return to the school bench as there is so much to learn. As for now I´m only allowed access to external material so let me share with you a few views on the PAW PAW […]

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