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How much is your price?

A few years back I did an engagement were there was a theoretical possibility that I could have stolen millions of euros. Before conducting that assignment I had to answer the simple question: What is my price? After careful consideration and a lot of calculations I concluded that during that time my price was around […]

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It has been all over the news recently: It is possible to hack a plane in-flight! I have to say that this is a bold statement in the first place but the sources site a FBI document. I´m a bit reluctant to actually believe it in the first place. Gladly the staff at Wired clarified […]

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Some security metrics from UK

Finding hard facts about breaches and statistics is quite often a cumbersome process. For this reason I have added a new key word Security metrics to tag post where I have identified valuable security metrics. This is a report from UK with some interesting facts. 81% of large organisations had a breach during 2013 and […]

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